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Dwarf shrimp and dwarf crayfish enjoy great popularity because they already feel comfortable in well-maintained Nano Cubes. In addition, dwarf shrimp such as the Amana shrimp or invertebrates, for example the algae shrimp are used as accompanying stock to…


Beginner fish

Especially in the beginning, beginners in aquaristics often ask themselves the question of which fish to put in the first aquarium. For newcomers it makes sense to buy beginner fish. These are often more tolerant with the water values and also with the feeding. This allows you to…


Aquarium fish for hard water

Sometimes it is the case that the aquarium water is very hard. This can already come so from the water supply. In addition, however, it is possible that the water hardness increases due to certain furnishings. To ensure that the animals in the tank still feel comfortable, care should be taken to use aquarium fish for…

Fische für hartes Wasser

Algae eater for the aquarium

Algae eaters are ideal aquarium inhabitants for those who want to have a clean aquarium. These fish feed on algae and other organic debris found in the water. As a result, algae eaters help keep the aquarium sanitary and prevent algae from forming. Some of the best algae eaters for the aquarium are…


Nanofish for 20 – 30l

You have a tank with 20-30l and are still looking for the right stock for it?
There are not only fighting fish that can live in such aquariums, but also a lot of other species that you can find in this post


Fish with dwarf shrimp

An aquarium with dwarf shrimp and fish can be an attractive and vibrant addition to any household. However, it is important to choose the right types of fish that can live well with dwarf shrimp.

One of the best choices for fish species that can be kept with dwarf shrimp are…



Nerite snails

The nerite snails are among the most popular and at the same time uncomplicated snail species at all. With their beautiful patterns and eye-catching colors, they add a bit of color to any aquarium. In addition to the visual aspect, nerite snails are also…


Staghorn snails

Antlered snails are one of the most popular animals when looking for an aquarium snail. Their “antlers” make them stand out clearly from other snails. With this and with their beautiful patterning…


Ramshorn snails

Ramshorn snails are one of the most popular aquarium snails that exist. Due to its spiral-shaped house, which comes in different colors, it fascinates all observers of the aquarium. Due to its size, it can be both…



Antenna catfish

Antennal catfish can be a useful eye-catcher in any aquarium from small to large. Due to their imposing antlers, which can be found on the head of male specimens, they impress every observer. In addition, these animals also bring a particularly useful feature…



Corys belong to the classics in the aquaristics. Due to the fact that these animals are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, and also due to their unusual burrowing in the substrate, these fish enjoy great popularity. Since the fish stay without exception…



Angelfish are probably one of the best known fish for larger aquariums. With their unusual appearance and distinct coloration and patterning, they immediately catch the eye in any tank. These fish…


Ram cichlid

In every pet store you can find them. Ram cichlids! It is one of the most popular and well-known aquarium fish there is. Due to its attractive appearance, it is an eye-catcher in any tank, which is why it is so popular. Furthermore, due to…


Pearl gourami

Pearl gourami belong to the labyrinth fishes. This means that they have a labyrinth organ through which they can breathe atmospheric air. Therefore, these fish regularly surface to catch their breath. In addition to this, they impress with their unique…


Calestial pearl danio

Calestial pearl danios are probably the most attractive fish available if you are looking for a nano fish. Due to its small body size of only 3 cm maximum, these fish are especially often in the stocking selection for smaller tanks. But also in larger aquariums these animals are…


Sparkling gourami

Thanks to their small body size, sparkling gouramis can already be kept in relatively small tanks. Therefore, they are the ideal fish when looking for a stock for a nano aquarium. In addition, these small animals can also trump with their special ability. Sparkling gouramis can…

Knurrende Zwergguramis

Mosquito boraras

Mosquito boraras are especially often kept in a nano aquarium. Due to the body size of approx. 3 – 4 cm this is also quite successfully possible. Especially in such small tanks this fish also stands out with its red coloring, which makes a great contrast to the furnishings. But also…


Emerald dwarf rasbora

The emerald dwarf rasbora is one of the smallest danios you can buy. With its only small body size of about 2 cm it is the ideal fish for a nano aquarium…

Smaragd Zwergrasbora

Reed tetra

Reed tetras belong to the smallest tetras at all, which makes it especially suitable as a stock for nano aquariums. In addition, this fish impresses with its balanced nature and beginner-friendly requirements…


Betta fish

Fighting fish are becoming more and more popular, which has several reasons. These fish can be kept even in very small aquariums, so-called nano aquariums. In addition, these animals come in a wide variety of fin shapes and colors, which makes it possible to…

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