Anubias is a species of plant that belongs to the family of rhizome plants. The plant consists of three parts. The most important is the rhizome. Leaves and adhesive roots are formed on it. A rhizome can form a complete plant again even without leaves and roots, so you should not damage this part.

Anubias plant is a very hardy plant. It is easy to care for and undemanding and is therefore particularly suitable for beginners. Furthermore, it can also be kept in a nano aquarium.

Originally, this plant comes from the tropical rainforest in Africa. The plant can be found in most tropical areas of the world.

Why would you plant Anubias in your aquarium?

This aquarium plant for aquariums as it does not require much light and grows well even in shady areas of the aquarium. The plant is also very easy to care for and undemanding, so it is particularly suitable for beginners.

What are the species and where can I buy them?

There are different types of Anubias, which are available in various aquarium stores. Also, you can mostly order these plants on the Internet. Some of the most common species are the Anubias barteri, nana and congensis.

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