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Buying an aquarium

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After successfully completing the planning of the aquarium now comes the purchase of the planned aquarium. Before you now write a shopping list, with which you want to buy in the pet store of your confidence, you should think about what you really need everything.

Here you start by finding out whether the planned aquarium is a set or not. Many of the JUWEL aquariums already have light, filter and heater included. There are also complete sets that include substrate and the like, so you don’t need anything additional. However, you can also buy aquariums without any accessories. In this case, you have to buy every other item separately.

Shopping list:

  • Aquarium possibly with base cabinet
  • Thermometer
  • Filter
  • Heater
  • Timer
  • Plants
  • Net
  • Mulm extractor
  • Water test
  • Food
  • Substrate
  • Furnishings
  • Fertilizer
  • Lighting
  • Filter material
  • Additional tubes

Aquarium possibly with base cabinet

This item is always needed. This is where the plants and animals will move in. In any case, a suitable base cabinet is recommended, if no other suitable shelf.


Especially for aquariums with heating, a thermometer is permanently recommended, because you can notice errors in the heating faster and do something about it. For tanks without heating, a thermometer is important in the beginning to find out what the temperatures are. After some time you can usually remove it.


This item ensures that the water values are “right” and the pool becomes cleaner. Basically, a filter is always recommended, because bacteria live in it, which ensure that toxic substances are converted into non-toxic substances. It also provides surface movement, which brings more oxygen into the water. A filter should only be omitted in lightly stocked tanks or for fish that do not need it. An example would be a fighting fish tank.


This adjustable rod ensures that the water is always the ideal temperature for the fish. However, in some cases, water at room temperature is sufficient. In this case, a heating rod is not needed. Therefore, you should measure the room temperature beforehand and compare it with the required values from the fish.


One of these clocks is needed to make a day-night rhythm with the aquarium lighting. As a rule, you turn on the light in the aquarium for 10-11 hours per day. In addition, a light break of 2-3 hours is often taken in the afternoon. This has a little effect against algae.


These are always needed. There are the most diverse types. Some swim on the surface, while others grow on the bottom. Plants provide ideal hiding places and give fish more security. Plants also produce oxygen and make for cleaner water.
Possible plants: floating plants and ground cover


A landing net is most often used to transfer newly purchased fish from the transport container into the aquarium. It can also be used to collect and remove floating plant parts.

Mulm extractor

This item you do not need to buy, however, you can easily clean the floor with it.

Water test

Such tests are often needed, especially in the beginning, to check whether there are still toxic substances in the water for the fish. They also help in the selection of the right fish that you know your own water values. In addition, they are important to check the values in case of strange behavior of the animals.


Every animal, like us humans, needs food. There are many different types. Which exactly is needed. depends on the inhabitants. Mostly one needs however several kinds of fodder.


You use a substrate to put plants in it. Fish like catfish may also need it to find food. Which color you choose depends partly on the fish and partly on your own taste. Also, you will often find a nutrient medium under the actual substrate. This supplies the roots of the plant with nutrients. However, this is not necessarily needed. To calculate the amount of materials needed, you can use a substrate calculator.


Most often, roots and stones are also purchased for optical aspects.


You don’t necessarily need it, however, it doesn’t hurt to have one at home. It provides the plants with important nutrients that they need to grow.


This is particularly important so that the plants grow well. The required strength depends entirely on the plants and inhabitants. For this information is enough a quick look on the Internet.

Filter material

This is required if no filling material was included with the filter. In most cases, however, you will find on the filter manufacturer’s website which materials are recommended and in what quantity and order.

Additional tubes

These are very convenient when changing water, holding one end in the aquarium and the other end with the mouth to attract the water and direct that into a bucket.

All these items are almost always needed, but which one you do not need depends entirely on the aquarium and its inhabitants. If you know a good pet store, it is best to get advice there. But beware the job of the seller is to sell something, so with some employees you can not trust what they say. Ideally, you can get advice and research again for the recommendations of the staff.

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