Aquarium Guide

Aquarium Guide for a successful underwater world

Start your first aquarium project today and use our free step by step instructions

Our Aquarium Guide provides step-by-step instructions that will help even beginning aquarists get a successful start in the hobby.

Do you have questions about aquaristics?
Whether fresh or saltwater, here you will find your answer.

Here you can find various information about aquaristics such as fish for nano tanks or aquarium combinations.

With our handy aquarium calculator easily calculate the need for sand/gravel/nutrient medium or the water volume.

Butterfly cichlid

Who are we?

We are a young team from Austria, which have created the first aquarium for our hobby a few years ago.
Now we want to make the accumulated knowledge available to others.

What does our aquarium guide offer?

We provide detailed step by step instructions for a successful aquarium on this website completely free of charge.
In addition, you can find valuable tips on how to make your aquarium life easier in the forum. Furthermore, you can also find help there with any concerns.

Why does this website exist?

When we decided to buy an aquarium, immediately researched on the Internet how best to implement it. However, we did not find a single complete guide on the subject, so we decided to make it easier for future aquarists.

Important information

We want to point out explicitly that this is only a guide and we can not be held responsible for any problems.
The same applies to the forum area.

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