Pea Puffers

55l aquarium example

Tank for the 55l aquarium example

The aquarium used in this example is the Dennerle Nano ScapersTank 55l. Due to the modern design, this tank fits perfectly on any desk. This aquarium is also ideal as an eye-catcher in other places. In addition, this tank has rounded corners in the front. Thus, no silicone interferes with watching the animals.

Aquarium equipment


The JBL CristalProfi e402 provides filtration and surface movement. This filter is an external filter and therefore brings some advantages. In the aquarium itself, namely, no filter no longer disturbs the appearance. Only the inlet and outlet pipes are visible. However, these can be completely covered with stones or roots, so that nothing is visible. In addition, this filter is also quiet running, so that use in the bedroom or in another quiet room is possible.


For plants to grow in the aquarium, lighting is needed. This is provided by the Chihiros LED A series (A451). This light is particularly convincing in the area of price / performance. But in addition, it has a simple flat design, which fits perfectly with the overall concept.


The JBL ProTemp s100 heater is used as a heater in this aquarium. This convinces by the fact that a protection for the animals is already pre-installed. Through this heater it is possible to increase the water temperature to above room temperature. This is necessary so that the fish feel comfortable in the tank.

Animals for the 55l aquarium example

Pea Puffers

Pea puffers are very special animals. Although many think of puffer fish as quite aggressive animals, this species is relatively peaceful. Although these fish remain relatively small, not many can live in a 55l aquarium. Therefore, either a pair (1M + 1W) or a trio (1M + 2W) should be used.

Nerite snails

Nerite snails are very useful aquarium inhabitants. They help to keep the aquarium clean. In addition, they can provide a valuable contribution against algae in the aquarium. But not only the features of these snails are attractive. The appearance as well! These animals come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which is why they please everyone. Due to the size of the tank, these animals should be limited to 2-4 specimens.

Water parameters

  • PH level: 6,8 – 7,8
  • GH (total hardness): 5° – 20° dGH
  • KH (carbonate hardness): 10° – 20° dKH
  • Temperature: 22° – 28°C
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