20l aquarium example

20l aquarium example

Tank for the 20l aquarium example

The aquarium used in this example is the Dennerle Nano Cube 20l. Due to the modern cube design, this fits perfectly on any desk. This tank is also ideal as an eye-catcher in other places. In addition, this aquarium has rounded corners in the front. Thus, no silicone interferes with watching the animals.

Aquarium equipment


The Dennerle Nano corner filter provides filtration and surface movement. Due to the practically small design, it is hardly noticeable in the tank. If necessary, you can also make it completely invisible with stones or roots. In addition, the filter is extremely quiet. This makes it possible to operate it in the bedroom or at the workplace without any problems.


For plants to grow in the aquarium, lighting is needed. This is provided by the Chihiros LED A series (A251). This light is particularly convincing in the area of price / performance. But in addition to this, it has a simple flat design, which fits perfectly with the overall concept.


The heater used in this aquarium is the Dennerle Nano ThermoCompact (25W). This convinces with its inconspicuous design. Through this heater it is possible to increase the water temperature to above room temperature. This is necessary so that the fish feel comfortable in the tank.

Animals for the 20l aquarium example

Siamese fighting fish

Fighting fish are the most popular fish for nano aquariums and there is a reason for this. These animals come with a wide variety of fin shapes and in many different colors. This makes them a special eye-catcher for such an aquarium. In this tank should be used only one male without females.

Staghorn snails

Staghorn snails, as the name suggests, have several spines on their shell. This makes them look extremely interesting upon closer inspection. But in addition to their appearance, they bring an important feature to the aquarium. These snails help keep the aquarium clean and rid it of algae. Because of the size of the tank should be used only 1-2 animals.

Water parameters

  • PH level: 6,5 – 7,5
  • GH (total hardness): 5° – 15° dGH
  • KH (carbonate hardness):  < 5°  dKH
  • Temperature: 24° -28 °C
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