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Nano aquarium

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A nano aquarium offers an easy introduction to aquaristics for many people.
A small aquarium is a great addition to any home. In a nano aquarium, you can enjoy nature and find peace of mind. It’s also a great hobby to break up boring hours at the office or between seminars.
Another advantage of small aquariums is that they are easier to maintain. The smaller amount of water means that both water changes and gardening in the aquarium can be done quickly. A final advantage of small aquariums is their independence from the environment. In a house or even in an apartment where there is no garden, a small aquarium offers the possibility to stay in contact with nature. Although it would of course be nicer to actually live in nature, a small aquarium is still a great alternative!

How to build a successful small aquarium

If you want to buy a small aquarium, it is important that you know how to set it up properly. This is the only way to ensure that your aquarium will be successful and last for a long time.

  1. First of all, you start with the planning of the aquarium. Here you need to think about what kind of tank you want, what will live in the aquarium and where it will be placed.
  2. After that, the basin, including accessories, is purchased and set up at the selected location and put into operation.
  3. When the aquarium is set up and the technology is running, the run-in phase begins, which lasts about 2-4 weeks.
  4. After this time, the aquarium inhabitants can be purchased and put into the water.

For more detailed information, there is our step by step aquarium guide, through which even beginners can get a successful aquarium!

What fish are suitable for small aquariums?

Even in relatively small aquariums you can already keep fish well. However, it should be noted that only really suitable for the size animals are used. As a general rule, you should keep dwarf shrimps and snails in tanks with 10l at the most. From 20l you can put for example a fighting fish in the tank. A list of fish that can be kept in 20-30l can be found here.

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