180l aquarium example

180l aquarium example

Tank for the 180l aquarium example

The aquarium used in this 180l aquarium example is the Juwel Rio 180 LED. This convinces with a timeless but nevertheless chic design. Due to the shape of the tank, it is ideal as a room divider eye-catcher, but also quite normal on the wall. In addition, it is possible to buy this aquarium with a base cabinet, so that the tank and base fit perfectly together.

Aquarium equipment


The scope of delivery of the aquarium already includes an internal filter. This is completely sufficient to operate the aquarium. As an alternative, however, the JBL CristalProfi e902 can also be installed. This filter is an external filter and therefore brings some advantages. In the aquarium itself no filter disturbs the appearance. Only the inlet and outlet pipes are visible. However, these can be completely covered with stones or roots, so that nothing is visible. In addition, this filter is also quiet, so that use in the bedroom or in another quiet room is possible.


To illuminate the plants, this aquarium does not require extra lighting. Because in the scope of delivery of the tank are already LED tubes, which are installed in the lid. Thus, they do not interfere with the appearance. In addition, this lighting is quite sufficient to operate the tank.


The heater included in the scope of delivery can be used as a heater for this aquarium. However, if an external filter is installed, you can use the JBL ProTemp E300 flow heater as a heater. This is particularly convincing in that it is completely invisible. It is installed between the external filter and the inflow hose. Through this heater it is possible to increase the water temperature to above room temperature. This is necessary for the fish to feel comfortable in the tank.

Animals for the 180l aquarium example

Blue gourami

In this example, blue gourami are the main fish in the aquarium. As the name suggests, these are gourami, which display an attractive blue coloration. Since these animals already grow relatively large, a pair (1M + 1W) should be kept in this tank.

Neon tetra

Neon tetras are probably one of the most popular fish ever. These fish captivate with their appearance as well as with their easy keeping. Since these animals prefer group or shoal keeping and so that they are well shown off, about 15 neon tetras should be added to the aquarium.

Dwarf shrimp

With dwarf shrimp can breathe life into any aquarium. Due to the fact that these animals come in a variety of colors, everyone can find a suitable species for themselves. In addition, dwarf shrimp play an important role in the aquarium. They keep it clean and process waste in the tank. It is enough to put 20-30 animals in the beginning, as they will multiply anyway.

Nerite snails

Nerite snails are very useful aquarium inhabitants. They help to keep the aquarium clean. In addition, they can provide a valuable contribution against algae in the aquarium. But not only the features of these snails are attractive. The appearance as well! These animals come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which is why they please everyone. Due to the size of the tank, these animals should be limited to 7-8 specimens.

Water parameters

  • PH level: 6 – 7
  • GH (total hardness): 3° – 15° dGH
  • KH (carbonate hardness): 3° – 15° dKH
  • Temperature: 22° – 26°C
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