Feeding and care of aquarium inhabitants

Feeding and care of aquarium inhabitants

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Feeding and care of aquarium inhabitants

  • Animals also need to eat, just like us humans. Fish and other aquarium inhabitants should be fed daily, with 1-2 fast days a week. You should feed as much as will be eaten within a few minutes. You can also feed several times a day, but in smaller portions.
  • Animals can get sick. The sooner you notice this, the better chance you have to treat it. Therefore, you should regularly take a look in the aquarium to notice quickly if the fish are missing something.
  • Aquarium inhabitants can also die. Dead animals should be removed when noticed, as these can transmit diseases to the animals they eat and also affect the water values.

Technique care

  • If the filter’s performance decreases significantly, it must be cleaned. The cleaning is done with hand warm water, with which you rinse the filter and the filter media. However, you should not do this too strongly, otherwise you can kill all the bacteria.
  • Dirt will accumulate on the bottom of an aquarium over time. This does not need to be removed, but it can deteriorate the appearance.
  • Certain plants grow very strongly. These must be cut back regularly so that the surface is not completely overgrown.
  • If algae appear, you should fight them as soon as possible, because they can damage aquarium plants.

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