How big should the first aquarium be?

How big should the first aquarium be?

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At the beginning of every new aquarium you ask yourself how big the new tank should be. For beginners or for those returning to the aquarium, it is important that the new aquarium is not too small. This means that a nano aquarium should not be used.

A standard tank with 54l is the minimum. Ideally, however, it has 100 – 200l. Because the larger the aquarium is, the more stable it runs. Even if a mistake happens or unintentionally too much food is fed, this is rather a minor problem with 200l. In a 30l tank too much food or a dead fish can tip the water, endangering all other animals.

In addition, with a larger water volume you have more fish to choose from. This allows you to choose exactly one fish that fits the water values in the tank. With a small nano aquarium, the choice is often limited.

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