What to do about algae in the aquarium?

What to do about algae in the aquarium?

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Algae often appear, especially during the start-up period. This often raises the question, what to do against algae in the aquarium?

Often the algae formed during the run-in phase disappear again by themselves, as the aquarium plants start to grow. These consume the nutrients that the algae need to continue growing.

Unfortunately, it also happens several times that the algae do not disappear or appear after the run-in period. The emergence of these has causes.

  1. Algae often appear when the sun shines on the aquarium in addition to artificial lighting. Therefore, direct sunlight should be avoided at all costs.
  2. Often it is also a fertilization problem. Because if the aquarium plants can not consume all the nutrients, these unused substances promote algae growth. Therefore, you should use a maximum of the specified dose of fertilizer, or even less.
  3. Artificially created lighting can also be too strong for an aquarium, encouraging algae.

In addition to fixing the above problems, adding additional aquarium plants specifically adding floating plants can help reduce algae.

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